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The thing about comfort zones…


I know, it’s easy to say that we should be brave and try something new in our lives, no matter the consequences, but the process of letting go of the old is tough. We are used to doing the things one way and, however dissatisfied we are with the current situation, it’s simpler to just stick with it. The fear of failure is usually much stronger than our need for change and we decide to go with the flow.

But, if we take a deep breath and face our insecurities, fears and doubts, we can really get to ‘where the magic happens’! Life is too short to be spent in waiting for thing to happen and something or someone to come to our lives. We should make our own decisions, handle our own mistakes and accept that it’s just the way the life goes. It’s neither good or bad, and we are the ones that can make it either beautiful or miserable.