A Quick Note on COALESCE and ISNULL

I’ve noticed couple of commentators on my blog post on Entity Framework and setting primary keys on views pointing out the difference between COALESCE and ISNULL. Apparently they were using COALESCE and expecting it to return non-nullable value, but instead, got the different result. I would like to clarify this a bit further. In my example, […]

Resources Config File

How many of you are using XSLT? XSLT is a really powerful tool  which I haven’t been using in a while, but recently had a chance to refresh my memory while working on a project. Sometimes, when there are some resources that are used in several places, it can be useful to keep the information of […]

Crystal Reports Problem With an Arabic Letter

I’m a part of the team developing a web (ASP.NET) project used by a number of customers in the Middle East. We use Crystal Reports for reporting purposes, and for the most part, it works great. However, from time to time, we run into some issues related to CR support for Arabic language. Couple of […]

Floods in Serbia!

Dear friends, As you may have heard, my country, Serbia, is facing the worst flooding in more than a century, along with the neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Thousands of people had to leave their homes, and until now the reports state that at least 20 people have died. Material damage will be measured […]