I’m a Mentor! :)

Couple of weeks ago, I have joined Women’s TechConnect Mentoring Program as a mentor and have been paired with a young woman from Rwanda to be my protégé.

Women’s TechConnect (WTC) brings together women in IT from all around the globe. Its goal is support women career development and help them to build confidence in IT industry.


The program doesn’t really take too much time, approx 2 hours per month, for 12 months. During that period, me and my protégé are supposed to:

  • communicate via email once every other week
  • talk by phone or Skype at least once a month
  • participate in a monthly online webinar.

We will get weekly e-mails from NetHope, suggesting the topics for discussion, which should help us in the process, since it is all very new to us.

I’ve never been mentoring anyone, especially not long distance. That is why I find the whole program very exciting and challenging, and hopefully, a lot of fun!

P.S. If you are a woman, interested in IT and find this program interesting, you can read more about it here.

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