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Summer is here!

Summer is here and I felt the need to change something.

Since changing my hair color (and/or length) is currently out of the question, I’ve decided to change this blog’s theme! :)

In the Drama Crowd

You’ve probably all heard of Google PageRank. In short, it’s an algorithm used to show how important some site is, taking into account other sites linking to it on the Internet. PageRank is one of the factors Google uses when determining SERP rankings.
Although PR is less and less important in Google algorithms, it was nice seeing that this blog got its first PR! Yesterday I’ve noticed that PR update happened, since new PR for this blog is now 3. That means, we’re in the drama crowd! :)

It’s nice seeing that people find this blog interesting, thank you all!

Happy Birthday, Blog!

This is not really a proper post, just a reminder that today is this blog’s first month birthday! :)
Thank you all for visiting, and hope you’re having a great time in the holiday season!