Using Filmstrip

Measuring and optimizing performance is an important part of website development. There are a couple of tools that are irreplaceable in the process, and also some that are just plain cool. 🙂 Filmstrip is one of the latter, but it is certainly very useful! Filmstrip is a feature that shows exactly how the page looks during the […]

#PerfMatters Free Resources

If you are interested in website performance optimization, here you will find some useful links to free resources related to the subject – e-books, tools, videos etc. I will keep updating the list whenever I find some interesting stuff. Feel free to comment and share some other links you find beneficial, and I will include […]

Oh, Barbie!

Well, this is something that definitely made my day! Apparently, there is a children’s book called I Can Be an Actress/I Can Be a Computer Engineer (Barbie), which (I guess) was supposed to empower young girls and show them they could excel at various professions. Alas, it fails miserably! The book consists of two separate stories […]